Keep the Number of a Tow Truck in Your Car

What To Know Before Hiring A Towing Service

Having to call for roadside assistance can happen at any time, which is why it is in your best interest to prepare yourself for this type of situation. Failing to be prepared can result in higher service cost and limited roadside assistance services, which is why it is critical to be ready for potential car problems. So, before you rush to contact a towing company for help, be sure you find a company that offers the following: 24/7 Flat-Rate Service: Since you never know when you’re going to have to call a towing company, be prepared and know what to expect by hiring a company that offers a 24/7 flat-rate service. Some towing companies may include emergency fees and added rates after certain hours or on weekends, which can accumulate quite a bit. So, if you want to be confident that you are paying as little as possible for your roadside assistance, be sure to find a company that offers one flat rate, regardless of the date or time.  A Large List of Roadside Services: Making sure that the towing company you hire provides more than just towing services is critical since the cost of having your vehicle towed can usually be the most expensive of your service options. If you are dealing with a small issue, such as running out of fuel or a tire blowout, then consider a company that provides fuel delivery and tire repair services. This can save you both the time and expense of having your vehicle towed over just a minor issue. Insurance Coverage Rates: Before contacting any towing company, check with your... read more

What You Need To Know Before You Call To Have Your Project Car Towed

Are you thinking of buying a non-running fixer-upper that’s half buried in someone’s back yard? Are you halfway through a restoration project on a car that doesn’t run and isn’t registered yet? If you need to get your project car home or to a garage for some mechanical work, there are a few things you need to know before you call for a tow truck. Here’s what the auto towing company will ask and what you need to sort out so you can get your car where it needs to go. Where is it? Project cars are often in inconvenient locations or in less-than-ideal conditions for the towing company. When they ask where it is, they need to know the street address and where the vehicle is situated, especially if it’s well away from a driveway, parking lot or another easy-to-access area. You also need to be accurate with you description so the towing company can calculate how long the job will take. The operators also need to be able to get to the vehicle. If the car has been sitting in a yard or barn for years (or decades) it might be covered with junk or sunk deeply into the ground or blocked by other vehicles or debris. You need to make the car accessible before the driver gets there. Is it registered? Some towing services won’t tow an unregistered vehicle. This means they might not tow your work in progress, regardless of your state’s rules. In some states, a car needs to be registered to be pulled by a tow truck because its wheels will be touching... read more

Tips For Creating A Winter Emergency Vehicle Pack When You Have Children

If you have children, you should keep an emergency pack in your vehicle in case your vehicle is disabled and you have to wait for assistance. Here are some tips for creating an emergency vehicle pack specifically designed to take into account the challenges of being stuck on the side of the road in winter weather while waiting for a tow truck to come to your assistance. Car Related Items You need items in your emergency pack that will help you deal with whatever is wrong with your vehicle. Here are some of the basic items that you will need to address any car related items: Safety flares Triangle safety signs Spare tire Jack  Lug nuts Wrench Jumper cables Tire pressure gauge  Air in a can During the winter, you will need to add a few extra items to your emergency kit for your car. You’ll want to have chains you can put on your vehicle if you hit a lot of snow. You’ll also want to keep a shovel in your car, as well as some salt and sand. That way, if you get stuck in the snow, you can potentially dig yourself out and use the salt and sand to get traction. A shovel can also allow you to keep your exhaust clear of snow while you keep your engine running and your kids warm as you all wait for a tow truck driver to show up. If your exhaust gets full of snow, the fumes will back up into your vehicle, which can be deadly.  You should also keep an extra battery for your cell phone... read more

Extend Your Vehicle’s Battery Life With These Tips

When you find yourself constantly replacing your car’s battery, it can be puzzling as to why it is happening.  Under normal driving conditions, a car battery will last about 4 years. If you are swapping out your batter for a new one more frequently, there are changes that can be made that will help improve the battery’s lifespan.  Tip 1: Break Your Bad Habits Bad habits are usually to blame when a car owner finds that they are frequently replacing the battery.  For example, following cars too closely can cause you to brake quickly, which sends vibrations through your car that may cause damage. Your car is a series of connected parts that work together in harmony, and when the system experiences sudden jolts, you run the risk of causing damage. Chances are that you have been driving the exact same way for many years, and you are not aware of the amount of wear-and-tear that is put on your car because of those habits. Defensive driving classes can help teach you about techniques that are not only safe, but better for your vehicle.  Tip 2: Purchase An Insulation Kit Even with improved driving habits, there is a kit you can buy for your battery that helps insulate it from impact.  An insulation kit for your battery is essentially a cradle that helps it absorb shocks that can change the battery’s position.  They are sold at auto parts store, and your local auto shop can install it for you if you do not know how to do it. Tip 3: Unplug Accessory Devices With so many tech devices that... read more

In A Collision? Now Is The Time To Change The Color Of Your Vehicle

If you have been in a collision and have to have body repair done on your vehicle, an auto body shop technician can match up the paint perfectly with your vehicle. They can do this by getting the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number), contacting the dealer and give them that number, and the dealer gives them the paint code. The auto body shop can then can use the paint code to find the exact color. If you would like your vehicle to be a different color, or the color cannot be matched perfectly, now is the time to change it.  You can do this easily by wrapping your vehicle. Color Wrapping Vehicle wraps start out as large sheets that have an adhesive backed vinyl film. You can choose the wrap with a matte, gloss, or satin finish in most cases. You can also have printed designs placed on the wrap, if you prefer. This can include images, graphics, and photos. You can have these printed designs placed on the side of your vehicle, on your hood, trunk, or roof. You can design it any way you want, and just about any color is available. The body shop technician places the vinyl wrapping on your vehicle, making sure everything is completely covered. This process is very difficult to do, and you should hire the body shop technician to do this job for you. This will ensure that it is done correctly. They can explain all of this to you in much more detail if you have questions. Clear Wrapping If the body technician has no problem matching up the paint... read more

A Likely Excuse: Car Repossession Or Theft?

If you make payments on a car, you know that if you miss any, you risk having your car repossessed, depending on the terms and conditions of your contract. But if someone shows up to take your car — especially if you’ve been making payments on time — how can you tell if the person is really trying to repossess your car, albeit mistakenly, or if they’re a car thief? Fortunately, there are some state laws and procedures you can follow to protect yourself. License and Registration, Please Depending on your state laws, the person might have to show you a license or special identification card that verifies they are from a repossession company. For example, in California, the Department of Consumer Affairs says repo workers are supposed to be registered with the department’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and carry a specific ID card. You can call the Bureau to verify the person’s license. A legitimate repossessor should give you enough identifying information so that you can call and verify his or her license. You’ve Got the Wrong Car, Mister Now, this all might sound strange and unnecessary. After all, if you’ve been paying your car payments, no one should be taking your car. Anyone trying to is a thief, right? Not necessarily. A loan company can screw up their records. You don’t want to do anything like attempt to physically restrain a repossessor who was given incorrect information because he or she is just doing a job. Try to resolve the issue another way. I’m Calling the Cops Police departments have picked up on this dilemma,... read more

Exciting Towing Technological Advancements

Since motorists will always experience accidents and car breakdowns, towing services will continue to be necessary. This is why towing companies are constantly making advancements to ensure that they are exceeding the needs of their customers. Here are some of the latest technological advancements that can increase tow truck companies’ chances of providing the absolute best service: Rotating rollback car carriers Aside from arriving in a timely fashion, one of the most difficult aspects of a tow truck driver’s job is maneuvering vehicles on the back of the truck in a manner that is easy, quick and safe. Depending on the type and size of the vehicle, it can take an exceedingly long time to accomplish this. Thanks to the introduction of rotating rollback car carriers, tow truck drivers are able to not only situate your car on the tow truck quicker, but they can do so with very little effort. This can enable you to have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired sooner, as it can be delivered to the mechanic more quickly than in the past. Robot tow truck replacements Sometimes, vehicles break down in areas where there isn’t enough room for tow trucks to fit. This is often a serious problem, making reaching these vehicles nearly impossible. However, by as soon as 2016, a robotic system will be available that can make this challenge a thing of the past. The system will consist of 8 small robots that can quickly and easily retrieve a vehicle from any area. The robots will then safely transport the vehicle to the mechanic, or any other destination. The towing robots will... read more

How to Get Your Car Going When It Has a Dead Battery and There Are No People Nearby

When your car suddenly goes dead, it rarely does so in a place that’s convenient. Fortunately, there are different solutions for not being stuck with a dead battery while alone that you can use whether you’re prepared or not. One-Man Dead Battery Starter for Those Who Can Prepare Ahead of Time One preparation you can make if you’re concerned about having a dead battery in your car is buying something called a jump box.This is a rechargeable battery that you can keep in your car for such an emergency. You just charge it up, which can usually be accomplished overnight, and then keep it in your car. It’s true that you’ll want to charge it up again every once in a while to make sure it doesn’t slowly run out of power, but this usually won’t be necessary more than once a month. Then, when your car turns up dead, you simply use the alligator clamps in the box to jumpstart your battery again. They work just like regular jumper cables with red going to red and black going to black like it says in the jump box manual. Your car can then draw from the box in order to start, all without the need for anyone else nearby. Depending on the model of jump box, the instructions may alternatively have you connecting black to a shiny piece of metal like a screw or a piece of the engine block. Towing and Roadside Assistance Apps for When You’re Not Prepared Another preparation you can make is signing up for roadside assistance. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of using a... read more

Hauling Equipment with Maximum Safety and Reliability: Maintaining Your Utility Trailer

Whether you’re frequently hauling heavy duty equipment between industrial or construction jobs or merely renting a piece of equipment for a simple home repair, the challenges of equipment hauling can be difficult to overcome. A utility trailer is an important tool in fighting this battle, but in order to guarantee your trailer remains reliable, there are important steps to take. Below, you’ll find a guide to some ways you can maintain your utility trailer and guarantee that it’s always ready to do the job you need it to. Following these suggestions will allow your trailer to be resilient and reliable and will allow you to avoid the frustrating breakdowns that all too frequently interfere with equipment transport. Rust Removal In many cases, a utility trailer will be subjected to rough conditions. Equipment hauling is a heavy, indelicate job, and your trailer is likely to be stored with significant exposure to the elements. These stresses on the metal components of your trailer can cause rust and potential weakness that you need to be sure you combat. Isolated spots of rust can be rubbed out and removed by direct application of a steel wool pad. You should also maintain a coat of wax over the more highly polished and finished parts of your trailer, as that will allow components such as the hitch to both look great and function efficiently. Lubrication A hitch or an axle that sticks and causes jolts can severely damage your trailer, your vehicle, or even the equipment you’re hauling. High speed equipment transport relies on smooth contacts between metal parts in order to guarantee that you... read more

4 Tips For Keeping Your Diesel Truck In Good Running Condition

Diesel trucks offer a number of benefits over gas powered trucks- they offer greater gas mileage, the engines typically last longer, carbon dioxide emissions are lower, and a diesel engine has fewer parts that wear out compared to a gas powered engine, so maintenance requirements are less. But if you have never owned or driven a diesel truck, there are some things that you need to know if you want to keep your diesel truck in good driving condition. if you want to avoid expensive truck repairs on your diesel, keep the following things in mind: Keep Up on Maintaining the Cooling System A diesel truck runs at extremely high compression pressure, which puts out a large amount of heat. The high level of heat puts diesel trucks at risk for overheating if the cooling system is not kept in pristine condition. It is very important to have the cooling system in your diesel truck maintained regularly, because unlike a gas powered truck, if the engine in your diesel truck over heats, there is a good chance that it will be permanently damaged and will have to be replaced, which can be very expensive. Install an Electric Heater to the Cylinder Block If you live in a location that gets very cold in the winter, you may want to consider installing an electric heater to the cylinder block to prevent hard starts or not starting at all. Diesel trucks are known to have trouble starting in cold weather, but a heating element can ensure that you are never left with a vehicle that isn’t working because of low temperatures.... read more

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