Keep the Number of a Tow Truck in Your Car
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 Keep the Number of a Tow Truck in Your Car

I drive an older car that I always knew would break down some day in a bad place and need towed. I figured I could always easily look up the number of a towing company using my phone's internet service if I ever needed to. Recently, my car started making an alarming sound that led to me pulling off the road while driving down the highway. It then wouldn't start back up. I grabbed my cell phone and went to do a web search to find a local towing company, and I realized I had used up all of my data plan for the month! It was late at night, so I had to call and awaken friends until someone answered who could help. I created this blog to help others avoid the same embarrassment as me. Always keep the number of a tow truck company in your car.

Keep the Number of a Tow Truck in Your Car

The Dangers Of Human-Induced Error As A Car Owner

Terri Carroll

To err is human, but to err when you are out on the highway is an all-out mess. Whether you got locked out, left your headlights on too long and killed your battery, or underestimated how much fuel you needed to get you from A to B, these kinds of human blunders happen a lot.

Unfortunately, when you are away from home or out in public, simple little human mistakes can really put you in danger, so it's important to know a good towing service who can help you out of your human-induced car-owner predicaments. Take a look at some of the dangers of being stranded out on the highway or in a strange parking lot. 

You could be facing drastic weather with little or no shelter. 

Have you ever stood on blacktop for any period of time and felt the summer sun beaming down on you? Have you ever noticed just how fast a warm car gets icy cold in the winter when you shut it down? These are perfect examples of how being stranded or even worse, locked out of your vehicle, on the open highway can be a real danger to your health.

It doesn't take long to either overheat or experience frostbite in extreme-temperature situations when you have little or no shelter. Hopefully, you will have your cell phone and a good roadside company to reach out to for unlock car services or whatever else you need. 

You could be a prime target for those with ill intent. 

Imagine someone out on the highway with a primary intent of finding someone to rob. As scary as it sounds, this is not an uncommon situation. According to The New York Times

"...highway crimes are occurring more and more often, shattering the sense of security motorists have come to expect."

If you are parked on the shoulder of the road, you automatically appear to be in a vulnerable predicament. Sadly, there are people out there who will take advantage of the opportunity and try to steal from you. Just the same, if someone spots you hanging out outside of your parked vehicle because you've locked yourself out, you definitely appear to be an easy target. You won't have anywhere to hide if someone does come after you, especially if you get locked out somewhere like a rest area alongside a highway or an empty parking lot with no open stores in sight. 

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